Freepik lands in the US and transforms a building in 24 hours

Freepik, the global tech company and the world’s largest platform for audio-visual resources, has announced its rebranding through an unprecedented activation in the United States.

The activation revolves around the transformation of a building in San Francisco’s vibrant SoMa area, renowned for its murals, and prominently visible from the famous 101 highway. To achieve this, the company has collaborated with HUMANO, a creative collective led by renowned Mexican artist, Osmani Contreras, who took on the challenge of painting it in just 24 hours with Freepik’s original design. In doing so, Freepik demonstrates that it brings more than just images; above all, it has come to help everyone create great designs faster, enabling them to express the power of their ideas.

This action takes place at the same time that key events occur in the city, such as Dreamforce, TechCrunch Disrupt, Webflow Conf, Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA) Conference, and Visual 1st, thus maximizing its impact and visibility within the community and the tech industry.

Carlos Cantú, CMO of Freepik, comments that “the action has had a great local impact, with an incredible reception from the citizens of the area who see how this intervention has brought joy back to the area and has revitalized the neighborhood. Some even claim that it is a return to the San Francisco of yesteryear, alive and fun.”

The painting will be present for an eight-week period that started on September 12th, date in which Freepik launched its rebranding and extends until November 1st. During this time, the building will be completely painted in the company’s distinctive “Piki Blue” color, providing an iconic image in San Francisco’s skyline and revitalizing the SoMa neighborhood.

The design has been created entirely by the Freepik team, which has used the whole building as a blank canvas to reflect its new brand image, which was launched the same day that the building was painted and the billboard was placed. Through its rebranding, Freepik aims to reaffirm its commitment to creativity and design, connecting with local culture and showcasing its ability to turn ideas into reality, not only in the digital realm but also in the physical world.