Designers Re-designing: Freepik Rebrands to Champion Creativity for All

Freepik – the global tech company and world’s largest platform of audio-visual resources – announced its rebrand. Freepik partnered with the San Francisco-based and award-winning creative advertising agency, Partners in Crime, to develop its new visual identity and positioning. Its mission? Help anyone create great designs faster, to express the power of their ideas.

Over the past decade, the breadth and quality of Freepik’s offering has been supercharged, and as a result has seen incredible growth. In the last year alone it acquired Original Mockups, Iconfinder and Videvo, reached $87M in revenue (a 25% year-over-year spike) and expanded its leadership team in the U.S. This success necessitated a bolder, bigger brand, so that’s what Freepik did.

Joaquin Cuenca Abela, Freepik Company CEO and Co-founder, explains: “When we founded Freepik in 2010, the goal was always to empower our users. Whether you’re a business, designer, personal brand, teacher, or anything else, you deserve access to tools and resources that will turn ideas into reality without, say, needing the skills to use Adobe Creative Suite, or the budget for an expensive subscription. Now, we have 580 employees, more than 52,000 contributors, 850 freelance design collaborators, and more than 100 million monthly users but that goal still rings true. We needed a brand identity that would represent our success but also our commitment to our roots. We now have that.”

Commenting on the rebrand and collaboration with Partners in Crime, ex-Twitter Director and marketing veteran, Carlos Cantu, CMO of Freepik, said: “This project has been huge and incredibly rewarding – a design company re-designing itself! As fellow creatives, working with Partners in Crime was the gold standard. The collaboration between teams was efficient and powerful.”

“A key theme highlighted in the rebrand is helping everyone and anyone. It reflects how users can easily access resources to experiment, learn and grow – without compromising on high-quality and professionalism. As part of this, we have also improved the user experience.”

“The growth of AI was another driver for the project. As the technology continues to disrupt all industries Freepik’s identity now reflects its position as a creative enabler. We are continuing to build AI technology that will help, not hinder humans unlock their creative side. I truly believe we have created a brand that reflects Freepik’s growth, our commitment to accessibility, and our attitude towards AI. We couldn’t have done it without Partners in Crime.”

Together, a slicker logo, re-imagined visual identity and refined positioning was developed. Updates include:

  • A brand-new logo that is contemporary (but timeless), fresh, and inspiring. It illustrates and inherently symbolizes the power of ideas.
    – An exclamation mark is featured in place of the ‘i’ in Freepik to demonstrate this power of ideation.
    – Freepik’s flagship blue colour will stay the same but a new color pallet has been developed, featuring Mediterranean green and Malaga red to reflect where the company was founded.
  • New positioning to reaffirm Freepik’s commitment to accessibility – Freepik helps anyone create great designs faster, to express the power of their ideas.
    – In practice, the user experience has been given a boost to make browsing Freepik even more smooth and pleasant. It has built a new animation of the component so speed and productivity is the priority.
  • The parent brand is no longer called ‘Freepik Company’, simply ‘Freepik’ – named after its flagship platform.