Freepik redefines AI image generation with unrivaled realism in real-time

Freepik has just launched the latest version of its AI Image Generator to the public. This groundbreaking tool redefines the creative process by offering users unparalleled access to one of the fastests real-time AI image generation, with infinite variations and photorealistic results.

For over a year now, this Malaga-based company has focused on technological innovation to position itself as one of the main players in the artificial intelligence landscape with the creation of AI tools that help boost creativity combining speed, quality and Freepik’s portfolio of assets. Their commitment to innovation has allowed them to be among the first platforms to adapt generative AI models to the needs of their users, developing multiple AI tools that are accessible, intuitive, and easy to use. Subsequently, they launched the Sketch to Image tool, which generates images in real-time from any sketch and Reimagine, its AI image-to-image solution. Today, Freepik generates over 1 million images per day using its unique and distinctive tool which features real-time generation, infinite scroll, and a variety of premade styles and permutation prompts.

At the core of Freepik’s AI Image Generator is the ability to create infinite variations of the same image with just one click, which enable users to effortlessly explore endless variations of their ideas. With intuitive prompts the tool transforms simple inputs into visual masterpieces, allowing users to combine different colors, settings, characters, or scenarios with unprecedented flexibility and control.

One of the key features of Freepik’s AI Image Generator is its unmatched realism at this speed and versatility. Through meticulous attention to detail and advanced AI technology, the tool delivers highly photorealistic results. Users can also choose from a diverse range of pre-made styles and apply them to their creations, further enhancing their visual impact and artistic expression.

Designed with user experience in mind, the AI Image Generator offers a streamlined workflow and precise control over the creative process. With real-time generation and infinite scroll capabilities, users can explore and iterate on their ideas seamlessly, without limitations. The tool’s aspect ratio feature ensures that every image fits perfectly within its intended frame, providing users with the freedom to create with precision and flair.

“By introducing the AI Image Generator, we want to reaffirm Freepik’s commitment to driving innovation and setting the standard for excellence in digital content creation” says Omar Pera, VP of Freepik Labs. “As a top competitor and AI reference, we want to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and empowering creators worldwide.”

Freepik’s AI Image Generator offers distinct advantages for both free and premium users. Free users can generate up to 20 images per day, albeit with limited style options and without access to infinite scroll functionality. On the other hand, premium users enjoy unlimited usage, allowing them to explore the full potential of the tool’s features without any restrictions. This tiered approach ensures that users of all levels can experience the benefits of Freepik’s AI technology.