Freepik Reimagine: a multiverse of real-time and infinite visual possibilities through AI

Freepik announced the launch of Freepik Reimagine, its new AI image-to-image solution, poised to revolutionize the landscape of content creation with its speed and endless possibilities. Designed to empower creatives with unparalleled convenience and efficiency, this innovative tool represents a significant leap forward in AI-powered visual generation.

Freepik’s cutting-edge technology harnesses AI to allow users to upload a picture and instantly receive a unique and exclusive prompt. With this prompt, users can easily interact with the image and make changes. Freepik Reimagine has real-time functionality, infinite prompt scroll-down capabilities and predefined styles to accelerate the creative process. This enables users to explore a world of possibilities that range from modifying a single detail to designing a completely reimagined image.

Image generation, infinite and faster than ever

Freepik Reimagine has the ability to generate endless interpretations of any uploaded image. By allowing users to explore different image options in real-time and high quality resolution, creatives can refine their vision effectively and efficiently. After uploading an image, users can personalize it by modifying various details, such as age, eye color, hair color, or clothing, resulting in customized and unique outcomes.

Taking prompts to the next level 

Once an image is uploaded, unique prompts are generated, enhancing editing capabilities. These prompts highlight concepts with variations that can be modified to suit users’ needs. Premium users have unlimited generations at their disposal, allowing for endless creative exploration.

One image, many styles 

Users can explore various styles to discover the perfect technique that brings their ideas to life. They can choose a specific style or let Freepik Reimagine discover a world of endless possibilities with styles ranging from more classic options like watercolor, painting, cartoon, or Art Nouveau to unconventional styles like origami, cyberpunk, pixel art or fantasy. Additionally, creatives have the ability to adjust the color palettes of the imagery while preserving the original structure.

Innovating at the speed of AI 

Freepik’s Labs team is constantly looking for the latest AI solutions to include  in their product portfolio. Led by Omar Pera, VP of Labs (and founder of, which was acquired by Kustomer and later by Meta), the team is innovating faster than ever.

“We know how fast the market is shifting, and we want to lead this wave. AI is revolutionary for creatives, and that is why we are launching simple but brilliant AI solutions that are focused on our users’ needs. Freepik Reimagine enables users to design imagery quickly, while maintaining control over the creative process” says Omar Pera, Freepik VP of Labs.

AI Partners program

With the mission of pioneering supportive tools for the creative community, Freepik has launched an AI partners program, aimed at providing users with early access to its AI innovations as beta testers. The main goal of this program is to gather valuable feedback and insights to further enhance  AI solutions before they are widely launched and make sure that it meets users’ needs while delivering maximum value.

“Our AI partners play a crucial role in shaping the future of our products, and we are happy to go through this exciting journey together”, added Omar. “Their expertise and feedback will help us refine our tools and ensure that it exceeds expectations when it becomes available to the public”.

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