Slidesgo by Freepik Company

We are excited to announce the newest part of Freepik Company- meet Slidesgo!

Easy tool to help you create a neat and creative presentation for your product.

Presentation skill is a must at work, at university and it can be handy even when you’re discussing family budget or plan a holiday, so being able to express your ideas clearly and have audience’s attention is important. The presentation is not just information put on slides, a presentation is a powerful tool that can help boost your ideas, capture the audience’s attention and transfer the information in a clear, picturesque way.

Here at Freepik Company, we’ve decided to put presentations on another level and created Slidesgo, your little templates helper.  Our designers created templates using Freepik’s most popular vectors and photos- all in accordance with the latest trends in design hence you do not have to worry about quality or the look of your presentations.

With Slidesgo you can choose and download templates, change the slides to adapt to your needs and use it for different software. Furthermore, each template features a collection of graphics, maps and icons you are free to use and they are, of course, customizable.

Using Slidesgo is very easy: just go to, choose the template you want and download it to use in Google Slides or in PowerPoint. There you can change, add and delete elements, create the colour palette you want for your projects and even add your own photos- all to make your presentation truly unique.

All the templates are free, we only ask you to attribute Slidesgo in return. To do that just leave the credits slide in your presentation- and done! In order to navigate through the web without problems, we made the menu very simple and clear for everyone: go to “All templates” to see our collection or browse through “Popular”. If you already know what template you’re looking for, use our “search” option. Certainly, we understand you might have some questions about Slidesgo, so we tried to answer some in our FAQ section. If you have a question which is not there, send us an email to and our Team will help you to resolve any doubts you have.

Happy New Project!

Discover SlidesGo!