Images to reach the Moon

Graphic images and videos are important even to reach the Moon. Proof of this is the collaboration of two Spanish entities, with not only an international dimension, but also an interplanetary one.

Green Moon Project is the project run by José María Ortega, a young engineer from Malaga who is developing a plan to provide fresh food to future human settlements on the Moon, Mars or even in space stations. Thus supporting the life supply systems of future manned missions in space, not only by generating food but also oxygen and carbon dioxide removal. In this way, from the laboratory in Granada (Spain), they are studying how to create greenhouses on the lunar surface, doing tests with volcanic soil from the Canary Island of Lanzarote, the most similar to the lunar regolith that the Apollo 14 Mission brought to Earth, to cultivate fast-growing vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes or radishes that will provide nutrients and vitamins to the future astronauts.

To explain this ambitious project, Freepik, the Malaga-based technology company and international leader in the production and distribution of graphic and audiovisual resources, has helped Green Moon Project describe its idea with images and explain its goals, mission and challenges.

In this way, the Freepik Content team has worked on the design of the corporate identity of the “Green Moon Project” as well as the creation of an explanatory video using 3D images.

As Joaquín Cuenca, CEO of Freepik says “Freepik’s mission is to help people express the power of their ideas, as we have done in this non-profit collaboration where we want to support a very interesting technological initiative coming out of Malaga. Thus, we have translated this incredible project into images to help them convey their ideas and make the great dream of cultivating beyond planet Earth a reality”.

José María Ortega, Director of the Green Moon Project, comments that “being able to explain this project through images was crucial to making it known and, in that sense, all the graphic and audiovisual assets that Freepik is generating are being key for us”.