Sketch to image in real-time made (ridiculously) simple: Freepik launches Freepik Pikaso

Freepik has announced the launch of its real-time sketch-to-image generator, Freepik Pikaso. A free version of the tool is available worldwide, to enable everyone to create great designs, faster.

Freepik is proving just how far generative AI has come and how it can revolutionise our ways of working. Using new groundbreaking LCM AI technology, Freepik Pikaso allows people to create an image by sketching in real-time. No matter what you draw, an AI image is generated and can be updated by adding icons, more drawings, further written prompts, or even using a webcam. Following its beta launch last week, over 10 million real-time AI-generated images have been created.

The tool has a number of impressive features. To transform yourself into a drawing, the camera feature is linked up to the users’ webcam, using live footage to generate AI images. So does the screen-share feature, which applies real-time generation to anything you display on your desktop including third-party images or 3D editors. There is also playback mode which exports creations as videos that can be edited, helping to articulate the creative journey. All of this is underpinned by Freepik’s icon library; to help speed up the drawing process, users can pick from thousands of icons.

And – available for the first time today – is the upscale feature, which improves the quality of any image. No matter how bad the original quality is, it can make images high-definition up to 2K resolution. This means even blurry images can be transformed with AI that ‘reimagines’ parts to make them high-res. This will also be available in 4K in the coming days.

Joaquin Cuenca Abela, CEO and Co-founder of Freepik, said: “Freepik is a tech company that has always pushed the boundaries of innovation whilst remaining steadfast in its goal of bringing creativity to all and helping people create great designs, faster. Whether you’re a business, designer, personal brand, teacher, or anything else, you deserve access to tools and resources that will turn ideas into reality. With AI, our 100 million+ users can do this faster, more easily, with more detail, and a lot more fun. I’m very proud of our Freepik Labs team who have worked incredibly hard to bring Freepik Pikaso to life, with industry-leading features.”

Omar Pera, VP of Freepik Labs added: “There is clearly a demand for simple, real-time AI-generated designs. In less than a week and during beta testing over 10 million images were created. This is because the use cases are endless and we have worked hard to make sure the tool is easy-to-use for anyone. We see it being a game-changer in marketing, for example; with the rise of short-form video content, Freepik Pikaso can help you create engaging content for social media, websites and more. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback we’ve received so far and this is just one small step on Freepik’s AI journey.”

Freepik Pikaso is available worldwide for free, with limited usage. Premium subscribers have an almost unlimited number of creations per day. You can access the tool here: