Freepik Challenges Competitors with a New Billboard in San Francisco

Freepik today announced the launch of its highly anticipated Freepik Authentic billboard as part of a larger campaign to introduce Freepik Authentic Photos, a cutting-edge collection that fosters genuine connections for creators and marketers.

The Freepik Authentic campaign is being led by Carlos Cantú, Chief Marketing Officer at Freepik. The campaign exudes provocation and irony, tailored for a creative audience familiar with the excessive use of technical AI jargon. While AI is empowering industries to operate with greater efficiency and creativity, the demand for authenticity persists. By integrating Freepik Authentic Photos alongside the Freepik arsenal of leading-edge AI integrated tools, creatives are equipped with a comprehensive solution, satisfying the need for both AI integrated innovation and genuine human touch. Freepik Authentic Photos meets the expectations and demands of today’s creatives.

“We’re stepping into a new era of visual storytelling, and at Freepik, we’re committed to evolving alongside the dynamic landscape navigated by creators and marketers every day,” said Carlos Cantú, CMO at Freepik. “That’s why last year, we made a strategic move by acquiring EyeEm, enabling us to launch Freepik Authentic Photos. While Freepik provides top-of-the-line AI tools, to truly create a platform that cultivates creativity, it’s essential to offer options for authentic human experiences. We are committed to equipping creatives with a comprehensive solution, empowering them with the ability to not only harness the power of AI but to also engage with human-generated photography, enhancing our capability to meet a wide-range of needs. Freepik Authentic offers real-life photographs that capture the depth and diversity of human experiences, empowering creators to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Today’s launch of our Freepik Authentic billboard underscores our dedication and our relentless pursuit of powering compelling storytelling for creatives.”

Just last year, Freepik collaborated with HUMANO, led by artist Osmani Contreras, to transform a building in San Francisco’s SoMa area with a mural visible from the 101 highway, showcasing their commitment to facilitating creative expression and design efficiency. This, combined with the announcement of today’s campaign launch, underscores Freepik’s commitment to design, creation and boldness, affirming its status as a company that invests in being as creative as the creators it empowers.

Freepik Authentic Photos is a collection of 20M images curated by Freepik to offer genuine and relatable visuals for various design needs, showcasing real-life situations and diverse human experiences. It aims to provide authentic imagery that resonates with audiences and enhances the storytelling aspect of design projects.

The billboard is located at 396-398 5th St. San Francisco, CA.

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