Flaticon makes all its content free and doubles its Premium subscriptions

Flaticon is the world’s largest platform of small-format resources, belonging to the leading graphic resources company Freepik Company, which, true to its goal of democratizing access to quality graphic content, has taken a step forward by liberalizing all its content. This means that it has created free access to more than 7 million icons, interface or animated icons and stickers.

Interestingly, in October 2021, when the platform decided to take the step towards free content, its Premium subscriptions, aimed at web and mobile design and development professionals, doubled in size, and today are growing steadily by 25%. The platform has already reached 25 million downloads and 5.5 million users in February.

The growth in Premium subscriptions —according to Agustin Ruiz, Head of Product at Freepik Companyis due to the high quality of our content, which once accessed, becomes indispensable for the professional designer or programmer. Subscribed users have unlimited download capacity of resources and the possibility of accessing various professional formats such as SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE64, as well as unlimited editing of the resources.”

Animated Icons, UIcons and Stickers

One of Flaticon’s latest innovations is the animated icon —more than 500 dynamic icons are available in JSON for Lottie, GIF, SVG and After Effects formats, which allow you to use them directly without the need for editing and thus give a leap in quality to design projects for mobile apps, web pages or portable devices.

This latest addition of animated icons is added to the mini-format resources that are included according to the current needs of users, such as the more than 5,000 UIcons, interface icons for web developers and programmers, and the 15,000 stickers for use in different social networks and platforms.

The icon: the basic unit of universal communication

The icon is the smallest and most universal unit of communication, as can be seen in the use made by the 5,5 million Flaticon users in countries all over the world. From Brazil, the United States, India, Mexico or Spain, the searches and the use of small-size resources is the same in all languages and cultures.

Although icons represents a very uniform unit of communication around the world, Flaticon also covers small cultural characteristics that may arise in different geographic areas, such as icons that represent different types of people by race, gender or age, as well as icons that represent food: the “food” icon for an American may be a hamburger but for a Japanese it may be a sushi roll.

The Flaticon team, composed of 14 people including designers, programmers and product specialists, works to ensure that these small cultural differences are well reflected in its product catalog, supported by other structural teams from Freepik Company, such as the Content, Marketing, Financial and HR teams.