Freepik users generate over 1.5 million images using its AI tools

Artificial Intelligence is not just a trend but a reality for Freepik which has been incorporating this technology for the last months to make AI more accessible to everybody.

Thus, Freepik decided to implement the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some of the most relevant features of the company’s ecosystem, announcing a new search engine based on Artificial Intelligence or search by image on Freepik, as well as innovative features in Wepik and Slidesgo, such as the text-based image generator, Background Remover, or AI Presentation Maker.

The reception by its users has been extremely positive, and these are the figures that reflect the results of Freepik’s relationship with Artificial Intelligence:

  • In four months, there have been over 6.4 million searches by image, with a daily average of 53,333 searches (including photos, vectors, and PSD in JPG or PNG).
  • During this period, users have generated over 1.5 million images using Freepik’s AI tools, with a daily average of 12,543 page views.
  • Freepik’s more than 42,000 contributors from around the world have published 7.5 million AI-generated images.
  • The platform’s users have created more than 2.3 million presentations with the AI Presentation Maker tool.
  • In just four months, the new Freepik search engine has been able to reduce 404 errors (the error that appears when the search or page does not exist) to only 0.6%, thanks to AI.
  • This improvement in search results has allowed Freepik to achieve a global SDR increase of +1.7% (user satisfaction with the results the search engine provides based on the resource they are looking for).

“Freepik not only embraces the arrival of Artificial Intelligence but will also do its best to help designers maximize all its possibilities, implementing real actions and features that will positively impact them,” says Joaquín Cuenca, CEO, and co-founder of Freepik Company.

“Definitely, contrary to those who view this technology as a threat, our goal is to democratize AI by making it available to all types of users, regardless of their level of knowledge, through highly usable platforms and apps. We don’t just make promises or use empty words; sharing this data is a clear example of our real commitment to this amusing technology,” adds Cuenca.