Universal Equality by Freepik Company

At Freepik Company, we are committed to promoting equality in the workplace. As a company, we are aware of the importance of ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace. Therefore, we have created an Equality Plan aimed to foster equality not only at the theoretical and regulatory levels but in a real way among all men and women within the organization.

Why implementing an Equality Plan? At Freepik Company, we want to improve people’s lives, and one of the steps to achieve this is to create a diverse and inclusive workspace. Companies have proven that implementing an equality plan contributes to harnessing the potential of all workers and increases motivation and commitment to work.

At Freepik Company, we believe in the professional development of people regardless of their sex; we value the talent and ability of workers without bias. Currently, among our 190 employees, we have a balanced workforce of women and men, practically 50/50. This is assured during the selection processes, where the principle of equality is guaranteed.

cover equality

To put this topic in the spotlight, we have created a series of logos that represent equality and diversity. From now on, on important dates like International Women’s Day or International Day of Non-Violence, we will find this logo on our social channels.

Graphic design has the power to empower a message. And that is what we want to achieve with this logo. By “Universal Equality,” we not only aim to foster diversity in the workplace but to raise awareness about the importance of equality among our users. Although there is still a long road ahead, with these measures, we strive to ensure real equality within Freepik Company Universe.