Slidesgo Achieves Its Highest Growth in 2020

Slidesgo, the platform specialized in offering templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint, has registered in its two years of activity a total of 78 million downloads. The project celebrates its second anniversary breaking records in all its metrics, from the increase in the number of users to the number of templates offered, which are created entirely by Slidesgo’s design team.

The platform was created in 2019 with the aim of providing free templates for presentations, making the creation of visual content more accessible and without the need for design knowledge. Since its launch and endorsed by its more than 7 million monthly users and 4 million registrations, in January 2021 the Premium subscription model was implemented. This model offers advantages such as access to exclusive content, license to share presentations in editable format or the possibility of not attributing. As for registered users, they can download 10 monthly templates free of charge.

Slidesgo has users from more than 230 countries and stands out especially in the USA and Indonesia, where 20% and 10% of its visits come from respectively. The most common Slidesgo user profile is linked to Education and Training -teachers and students, especially those of generation Z, between 18 and 24 years old, who use the templates in the university environment- and to the business sector.

In 2020, a year marked by the pandemic, the platform’s monthly user community experienced a 900% growth compared to the previous year. Regarding the number of monthly downloads, 4 million were reached, 14 times more than the average registered in 2019. The growth in the number of monthly downloads on average continues to increase, in this first quarter of 2021 they have already reached 8 million.

“It is incredible the growth of the platform during these two years, 2020 and 2021 have meant a boom in visual communication and Slidesgo has positioned itself as a key tool in this area,” says Paula Negro, Manager of Freepik Labs, and adds: “We believe that one of our greatest successes is knowing how to adapt to what our users ask for and offer content that is both useful and attractive.”

Slidesgo was born within Freepik Labs, the Freepik Company’s project incubator for launching new products. The idea is part of the company’s philosophy of facing new challenges to bring value to the user by making graphic resources and creativity more accessible. Specifically, Slidesgo has 8 in-house art directors and designers in addition to more than 50 freelancers, who are responsible for developing the templates following the latest trends in graphic design and using the resources of Freepik, Flaticon and Storyset, reference tools in this industry.

Slidesgo templates are designed to be easily editable by the user and include hundreds of graphic resources adapted to the design of the presentation. Only between 2019 and 2020 the supply of templates has increased by 682%, all of them self-produced and uploading an average of 300 templates per month. In recent months, new content lines have been developed with the aim of completing the presentation templates. Particularly noteworthy are the infographics section and the Slidesgo School section, where tutorials on the use and management of these softwares are published.

2020 has been the best year in Slidesgo’s short history, but the forecasts for 2021 are for even greater growth. Slidesgo intends to conquer new territories by translating the site into more languages in addition to increasing its offer of presentations, reaching 5,000.