New Features For Freepik, Flaticon, and Slidesgo Following Users Feedback

In the last few weeks, we have introduced substantial improvements in our products – Freepik, Flaticon, and Slidesgo – based on the requests and feedback of our more than 39 million monthly users from all over the world

Through online surveys and messages to the support team and corporate social networks, the users have shared several enquiries and demands on Freepik Company’s products and these have helped to carry out product improvements. For example, now users can download photographs from Freepik directly in JPG format, rather than in a compressed file, or they can now add a geometric background to the icons in Flaticon – instead of a transparent background. On the other hand, users of Slidesgo can access a new specific section of infographics, among many other improvements.

In this sense, according to Alejandro Sánchez, co-founder, co-CEO and current Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Freepik Company: “We want our design products to be increasingly accessible and easy to use for any user, and at the same time implement improvements that enhance the professional designer’s experience. Our goal is to offer a wide range of creativity, visual communication and design tools that complement each other and that manage to cover from the most basic to the most demanding needs of all our users while remaining within Freepik Company.”

What’s new at Freepik

Freepik is one of the largest providers of free vectors globally and currently has over 10 million graphic resources available, including vectors, photos, and PSD, of which 30% are produced in-house. 

  • Downloading photos in JPG: as they are high-quality resources, they can only be downloaded in .zip format, but due to the insistence of users who had difficulties downloading images using mobile devices, it is now possible to download the photographs directly in .jpg.

Download JPG Freepik

  • Author Searches: thousands of users have asked to access the graphic resources created by specific authors more easily and directly, and now it is finally possible! Through the Freepik search engine, users can type their favorite authors’ names and access all their resources directly by clicking on the options that appear in the autocomplete window.
  • Search engine improvements: Freepik’s search engine is a key element of the product, so improvements are made constantly, one of them is the “Next Search”; that is, every time a user writes search terms with an error, the system will automatically show the resources associated with those terms, but corrected, instead of showing a “404 error” or “results not available” message. Likewise, the search engine is increasingly adapted to each of the 11 languages in which the website is available.
  • Freepik plug-in for Figma: following the release of the Stories by Freepik plug-in, the Freepik plug-in for photos has recently been created. With this tool, any user can easily and quickly access millions of stock photos of Freepik and choose the image that best fits their digital project.

Freepik Plugin Figma

What’s new at Flaticon

Flaticon is currently the largest and most diverse database of customizable icons in the world. Today it offers more than 3.6 million icons primarily used by developers, web designers, or educators worldwide to create visually appealing and practical interfaces, web pages, or learning resources. Moreover, the Flaticon G-Suite extension is the most downloaded of all icon extensions, with nearly 4 million downloads.

  • Enhanced Editor: Flaticon has had a free editor in place almost from the start, and in recent weeks it has been further integrated into the web to make the user experience as smooth, fast, and easy as possible.
  • Icon Background: users looking for more design and customization options for their icons can now add geometrically-shaped backgrounds to the icons and even change their color. This is a new option available from the Flaticon editor under the name “Backgrounds.”

Edit Background Icon Flaticon

  • New language, french: from the beginning of November, Flaticon is also available in French, a language that adds up to the English, Spanish, Korean, German, and Portuguese versions of the website. From now on, any French-speaking user can access and search for any icon they need in their own language.
  • Search engine improvements: as it happens in Freepik, from now on every time a user writes search terms with an error or typo, or if they write the term in any of the 6 languages in which Flaticon is available, the system will automatically show the resources associated with those terms, and in the respective language.

What’s new at Slidesgo

In little more than a year, Slidesgo has become one of the reference sites for creating slides. It offers more than a thousand free templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint that are fully customizable and have an exclusive design. It currently has about 5 million monthly users.

  • Infographics: this section is entirely dedicated to a wide variety of infographics, with different designs, themes, and visual formats to present any data in the most attractive way.

Slidesgo Infographics

  • New template sizes: Slidesgo users now have more options to personalize their templates as they can now choose different sizes for their presentations! Templates are now available in 4:3, A4 (21cmx29,7cm) and A5 (14,85cmx21cm) sizes. This variety will help users use and edit any Slidesgo presentation in a more personal and unique way!
  • Slidesgo in french!: due to the increasing number of french speaking users in Slidesgo, the website is now also available in French language, which is added up to the sites available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know all our new features, now it is time to go ahead and try them out! Stay tuned for more Freepik Company updates and news.