New improvements to Freepik and Flaticon to reach more users

Freepik Company, a tech company based in Malaga and parent company of Freepik (the most visited image bank in the world), Flaticon and Slidesgo, remains firm in its commitment to reach as many users as possible by improving their design and creativity products.

With over 40 million monthly users and 100 million average downloads per month, Freepik, Flaticon, and Slidesgo are well-known products in the graphic design and marketing sectors, and beginning to become benchmarks among non-professional users, too. They offer more than 17 million graphic resources, with that amount of material they provide, the Louvre could be filled more than 457 times…

To feed the 3 platforms of Freepik Company, the company has more than 340 employees working from Malaga, 450 exclusive remote designers and more than 12 thousand registered collaborators. In order to maintain such a high level of performance, the Freepik Company team works with a strategy of continuous improvement of the user experience, making permanent updates to its services and introducing improvements in them. Among the most prominent in recent months we find the following:

Freepik News

As of a few days ago, users can now copy and paste the more than 8 million stock photos available on Freepik. This means they no longer have to download the file and import the image into the file they’re working on, saving time and memory space.

Plus, the platform has also added the option to download photos in several sizes (small, medium, large and original) in order to adapt to users’ needs and improve their experience. On top of these new additions, the website has also been optimized for mobile devices and work is underway to improve search filters and offer new subscription plans.

For Paula Negro, Head of Product of Freepik, “At Freepik, we’ve been working for months to adapt our product to the needs of professional and non-professional design users in order to be the first tool that anyone thinks of when they need help to create a quality digital project. Our image bank has more visitors than any other in the world, thanks in part to our extensive portfolio of free graphic resources, but we know we can keep improving it in order to offer the user always more than they expect”.

These improvements made to Freepik are partly thanks to the company’s team being in direct contact with users.

Flaticon News

At Flaticon, the leading icon database in the world, our main news is the new UIcons, a line of interface icons designed for iOS, web, and Android apps that are easy to use and implement. UIcons currently has over 2,000 icons in SVG and web fonts, and it is getting a very good reception from web developers and programmers.

Furthermore, we have recently launched the French and Russian versions of Flaticon, reformulated the icon styles (Black outline, Black filled, Hand-drawn, Gradient, Lineal color, and Flat), and improved the Editor, which now lets users edit Gradient icons, too. Plus, Flaticon users can now copy and paste PNG icons, a functionality that facilitates the insertion of icons in documents.

In this regard, Flaticon Head of Product Agustín Ruiz says, “We’ve noticed more professionals using our services, which is why we’ve started developing new lines like the UI Icons. Moreover, we want to make the product increasingly accessible to everyone and we’ll keep working to improve the website, even including explanations for users on how to use our icons.”