Laura García: Life of a Graphic Designer in Global Pandemic

A typical day of a Graphic Designers is not a secret anymore. However, in the face of the global pandemic, the world turned upside down. Not only our lives have changed but our routines too. Hence, we thought it would be interesting to share with you how the life of a Graphic Designer looks now.

Let’s dive into one niche–social media! We have chosen it because it’s an area that gains more and more relevancy.

Welcome on Board

Meet Laura–our Social Media Design Specialist! On a daily basis, she works with our Social Media Technician and creates content for our social media channels. Thanks to her skills, we’ve been able to significantly improve the look & feel of our Instagram Feed.

IG Feed

Besides working at Freepik Company, she’s a student of UX/UI course and a teacher of Social Media Strategy at The Gauss Multimedia School of Design. She joined the company in April 2020 and is one of the first employees that went through the onboarding process completely remotely. It was quite a challenge for our HR Team, mostly because the onboarding process means also getting to know the company’s feeling.

People, office, team building activities express the Freepik Feeling, and all that we had to move to the digital space. Did we manage? We asked Laura how the process looked from her perspective:

I have to say that everything went pretty smoothly! The equipment was delivered to my house. Moreover, I got extra support from the whole team. I was positively surprised that Freepik helps in creating our home offices by providing gift cards so that we can upgrade our working stations.”

Get Things Done in The New Normal

Some things never change. Laura, like most of us, starts her day with a simple morning ritual–a coffee. She usually begins with checking an internal Social Media Calendar. Then she tries to prioritize tasks depending on the urgency. In addition to this, she takes part in a morning daily call with other teammates. This helps us to keep everyone in the loop.

Effective time management tactics have always been the key to productivity. But, while working from home discipline seems to be much more important. For Laura, it means completely putting her phone away. The software helping her along the day are Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, and Miro.

Creativity­–The Struggle Is Real

There are many ways to expand creativity. One could be finding inspiration in people. The artists that Laura admires and feels most connected to are Alex Trochut, Relajaelcoco, Mario Eskenazi, Francesco Franchi, Violaine & Jérémy, Paula Scher. Additionally, we asked her how one can develop creativity nowadays:

“It is a skill that these days you can improve by observing people, nature, and shapes. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the surroundings and notice the details.”

Whenever she faces the creative block, she connects with her colleagues on Slack. Exchanging thoughts is always a good idea. Apart from this, she also derives her concepts from music. Here’s a song she counts as her definite favorite for sparking ideas:

Graphic Designer's Song

Tip: If you work with social media, try to spend some time every day looking for inspiration. Save pieces that you found interesting! Networks like Dribble, Pinterest, or Instagram can help you to stay on top of trends. Click here for some extra tips on how to quickly fight the creative block.

Finally, space seems to be also an important factor affecting our capabilities. Especially now, it’s crucial to have a place that is suitable to perform your everyday responsibilities. In other words, a place where you feel comfortable. By the way, plants are an excellent addition to enhance focus and concentration!

Check out Laura’s workspace and grab some inspiration!

Graphic Designer Workspace

Undoubtedly, having at home a corner meant only for work will help you to maintain the proper work & life balance. It’s very important to prevent burnout!

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