Freepik Company’s team grows by 49% in 2022

In a complicated context such as the present one, in which many large international technology companies are immersed in massive layoffs, Freepik Company is positioned as a technology company that ends 2022 with a high rate of incorporations.

In this way, the Spanish technology company, specialized in the production and distribution of graphic resources, already exceeds 500 employees, reaching a total of 567 people, after the acquisitions of the international companies Videvo, Iconfinder and Original Mockups. Thus, Freepik Company has 471 people in Spain and, as a result of the acquisitions, it has people in the United Kingdom from Videvo, people in Denmark from Iconfinder, and in the Freepik LATAM offices in Colombia, after the integration of the Original Mockups team.

According to Javier González, COO of Freepik Company, “this 49% increase in the number of employees, in a year in which many technology companies have had to cut their workforce, reaffirms our status as a rara avis in the sector: founded exclusively with its own resources, and in Malaga (outside the traditional circuit), and, in addition, growing in a sustained and healthy way in every way. In 2023 we are committed to consolidating our workforce, talent and consolidating our position in the creativity and graphic resources sector”.

Sustained growth by 2023

Freepik Company foresees a sustained growth in 2023, with a consolidation of the workforce and high talent retention, plus the incorporation of different profiles over the next year, distributed in its offices in Spain, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

Many of these profiles, which will join the team in the coming months, will be related to the development of Artificial Intelligence, where Freepik Company is a pioneer. Thus, the most demanded profiles will be focused on developing projects around this technology such as Data Scientist, teams specialized in Front and Product Design and Full Stack profiles.

For Marta Sisí, Head of HR at Freepik Company, “the Freepik Company team has not stopped growing strongly since 2018, but this year has been especially important and exciting for the HR team. The workforce has grown a lot, not only in number but also in geographic locations and profile types. In addition, we have incorporated new benefits for employees and we have greatly incentivized general and specific training for the workforce. It is not in vain that we have been recognized with the Great Place to Work certificate and we lead this ranking in Malaga. 2022 has also been the first year in which we have been able to develop a CSR plan “Design your Future”, of which we are particularly proud, and which we will promote even more in 2023″.