Freepik Company with Ukraine

Like the rest of the world, at Freepik Company we are shocked by the conflict that has been going on in Ukraine for weeks, due to the situation that the country is going through at a global level, as well as because it is a country where many of our collaborators live.

Thus, we have focused our assistance on two lines of action. On the one hand, by making financial contributions to different NGOs that are working in the territory and, on the other hand, by offering direct assistance to our collaborators and their families, trying to help them as much as possible.

The economic valuation of all the actions being carried out by Freepik Company, detailed below, amounts to 275.000 €; a contribution with which we hope, from the bottom of our hearts, to help alleviate the devastating effects of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

February 28 – present
Migration of exclusive ukrainian content creators to Spain

Hosting in Malaga of our collaborators and family members who choose our country as their host country. The assistance consists of accomodation, maintenance, Spanish classes and all the support of our team, as well as incorporation into the Freepik Company staff as full time employees.

February 28 – present
Financial support for exclusive ukrainian content creators who are refugees in host countries

Donation of 500€ to collaborators or direct family members (spouse, children, father or mother) who have had to leave Ukraine, to help them with their expenses in the host country.

March 21
Contribution of food and basic necessity from Freepik Company employees

Personal donation of non-perishable food, clothes and different basic necessities by Freepik Company employees, destined to host families established in Malaga.

March 3
Collaboration with Unicef

Financial donation to provide potable water to children living in areas affected by the conflict and to position health and hygiene supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact.

February 28
Collaboration with “Maydan Malaga – Ukrainian Association in Costa del Sol”

Donations of blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights, clothes and medicines destined to the border between Ukraine and Poland.

February 24 – 28
Advance payments to our exclusive content creators

Automatic payment of all invoices pending validation by freelancers and advance payment of 300€, in order to provide them with the maximum possible liquidity in their bank accounts at the beginning of the conflict.