Freepik Company regarding the conflict in Ukraine

At Freepik Company we are shocked by the attack that Ukraine has been suffering for weeks. Our creators are located all over the world and many of them live in Ukraine and Russia, working together for years. Since the war started our priority has been to help our creators in the region as much as possible. Besides making donations to NGOs that are working on the territory, we have been in constant contact with our creators, helping them and their families to leave the country.

The situations they are going through are from times we thought were long gone. People who were forced to move to the basement of their homes because of the constant bombing. Parents who have to say goodbye to their partner and children, who don’t understand anything, just like us. We lost contact with several of our creators for days, fearing the worst. When we managed to regain contact, they even apologized; they were fine but they were hosting 15 families from other parts of the country in their apartment.

To the contributors who were able to leave Ukraine, we have offered transportation to go to wherever they choose in Europe. For those who do not have a place to go, we have offered them to come to Málaga, where they have psychological support and Spanish classes while they need it, accommodation during the first 6 months of their stay, clothes and necessities goods, as well as local support to carry out all the necessary procedures to settle in. And of course, for our creators, a job in a company that welcomes them with open arms, where we are all ready to help them.

The only good news these days has been the arrival of the first families in Málaga, exhausted. We hope that in the coming weeks we will be able to welcome all those who need it.

I would especially like to thank the Content and Human Resources managers and their teams, who have slept very little and worked very hard to make our assistance as effective as possible.

We want to highlight that our care and love towards the Russian community remains intact but due to the current situation, we are forced to stop accepting new subscribers from Russia till further notice. Existing subscribers can continue using our service without changes but their subscription will not be renewed. Anyhow, users from Russia who wish to access our free graphic resources will be able to do so.

This crisis is still evolving and our response may also change. We hope that all of us will be able to work together and that our main concern will again be how to create the best designs for our users.

Joaquín Cuenca
Cofounder and CEO of Freepik Company