Freepik Company and Spanish Red Cross Collaboration

This year, as part of the first CSR plan that we have implemented in Freepik Company, we have had the honor of collaborating, among other organizations, with the Spanish Red Cross, providing a series of digital skills workshops for technical professionals and volunteers of the Employment Plan.

Our CSR plan, whose slogan is “Design your future”, aims to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide through design, graphic resources and technology so that everyone has equal opportunities in terms of access, use and quality of technological resources.

The collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross focuses precisely on this objective. So far, 4 workshops have been held with the participation of 79 employment professionals from all over Spain who participate in the project “#EmpleandoDigital+. Digital Transformation in the Labor Insertion of Vulnerable Groups”, an initiative co-financed by the European Social Fund. Thanks to these workshops, Red Cross professionals can now use their new knowledge in their counseling and training sessions to users and participants of the organization.

In this collaboration, four workshops have been conducted by Freepik Company professionals, with the participation of 79 Red Cross professionals.

  • Create and edit presentations. Carmen González (Art Director Slidesgo) and Paula Trujillo (Marketing Technician Slidesgo) explained the multiple functions of Slidesgo, a tool for making presentations.
  • Edit online graphic resources. Javier Melgar (Graphic Designer Editor Freepik Labs) and Julia Martín (Art Director Freepik Labs) have shown how to use Wepik, the new online editor of Freepik Company.
  • Intellectual Property and Attribution. Pepe Lanzas (Legal Analyst) explained the basic notions of intellectual property in the digital environment.
  • Cybersecurity. Daniel Púa (Security Tech Lead) has shown the cybersecurity tools for the protection of personal data and privacy in digital environments.

These four workshops have been of great interest to both sides and, therefore, in September some of these workshops will be retaken to cover more professionals of the organization and new topics are being planned, adjusted to the needs of the Red Cross team, so that this collaboration can continue over time.

These formations align perfectly with Freepik Company’s strategic CSR pillars, such as training and employability and inclusion and diversity, and the SDGs of quality education, decent work and economic growth and reduction of inequalities. Likewise, they are also aligned with the European Digital Skills Framework, which is benchmarked by Red Cross, which highlights the importance of the notion of knowing how to create and develop digital content, understanding how copyright and licensing apply and the protection of devices and personal data, and knowledge of risks and threats in digital environments, among others.

For Marta Sisí, Head of HR at Freepik Company, “this collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross is very much in line with the objective we have set with this year’s CSR plan and it is a pleasure to see how both our team and the Red Cross employment and volunteer professionals have enjoyed the experience and exchanged knowledge. Our team is always very motivated and willing to provide training on design, technology and creativity and they learn a lot from the trainees as well. We hope to be able to maintain this collaboration over time and even expand its scope to other projects”.

Lara Vidal, Head of the Red Cross #EmpleandoDigital+ project, also highlights that “this collaboration has contributed to our objectives of continuous improvement of digital skills for employment intervention of our technical teams and volunteers, providing new tools and knowledge applicable to the daily work of improving the employability of the people furthest away from the labor market. The sessions have been practical and enjoyable, and our teams have provided very positive feedback on them. Without a doubt, we thank Freepik Company for their involvement and collaboration, which we hope to expand given its usefulness”.