Freepik Company: on the lookout for professionals

Freepik Company, the most used image bank in the world,  is constantly growing, therefore, its HR team is in a continuous process of recruiting. Thus, so far in 2021, the company has generated 106 jobs, already reaching 365 employees.

#TheFreepikFeeling is the title of the employer branding webinar that will be held the 11th of November at 18:00. Beatriz Ruiz, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist and Marta Sisí, HR Manager will participate, who will explain the company’s talent retention policies as well as the available vacancies and the most demanded profiles; Edu Collantes, Product Marketing & Campaign Team Leader, who will tell about the company’s products and their experience within the company, and Kaajal Mansukhani, PR & Communication Manager, who will explain the spirit of the Malaga start-up and its corporate culture.

The forecast for 2022 is to continue this growth trend and keep strengthening several teams. Among the profiles that the company will incorporate there are some that stand out such as content creators (graphic designers, art directors, photographers..) and tech profiles (web developers and programers). All the job vacancies can be found on their web.

The Freepik Feeling

The HR team works constantly on improving the company benefits for the employees. Currently all of them have private health insurance, flexible hours, flexible holidays, flexible remuneration for daycare, transportation or food, in-house English classes, initiatives to improve family reconciliation and specific training for each area, among others.