Freepik company strengthens its international character by acquiring the Colombian Original Mockups and the Danish Iconfinder

Freepik Company acquires Iconfinder (Denmark-founded), a global marketplace for icons and illustrations, and Original Mockups (Colombia-based), which provides 3D resources and mockup templates. This double acquisition enables Freepik Company to expand its stellar team into new international territories, which are already key markets, strengthening the company’s position as a global visual content market leader.

Coming just months after the company’s first UK acquisition (Videvo) and the appointment of Carlos Cantú – former Twitter EMEA Executive – as CMO, the successive acquisitions signal the next phase of Freepik Company’s worldwide expansion. Together with Freepik Company’s existing visual asset capabilities – which include the successful integration of artificial intelligence (AI) – both acquisitions create a complete collection of graphic resources for personal and commercial use. These milestones consolidate the market while adding world-class talent to support Freepik Company’s the next phase of growth.

Original Mockups: Colombia 3D specialists

The Original Mockups deal brings a headcount of 100 3D design specialists into the fold for Freepik. The acquisition also marks Freepik Company’s first steps into the Latin American (LATAM) region, a fast growing market with high potential. Now, in response to customer demand, content can be localised to make it more specific to this region. The current CEO of Original Mockups, Alexander Ruiz, will be leading the 3D & Mockups vertical at Freepik Company.

Product performance was another core reason for the acquisition; for Freepik Company, 3Ds and mockups are some of the most demanded assets by users. Previously, in-house tests identified some knowledge-gaps – specifically around 3Ds and mockups – so the decision was made to source these specialist skills outside the business. Beyond that, Original Mockups and Freepik Company have collaborated closely for the last two years, which has fostered a great relationship between the teams. Sharing a great culture fit, it was a natural next step to join the two.

Alexander Ruiz and Andrés Hernández, founders of Original Mockups, emphasize that “we always felt that there is a shared history and values between both companies. Freepik Company started in a coastal and tourist town where the tech industry had not been a main economic driver, like our beginnings in Cartagena, Colombia. We spoke the same language and shared a common goal, it seems, aiming to develop some exciting design tools to make life easier for creatives.”

OM Founders
Andrés Hernández and Alexander Ruiz, founders of Original Mockups

Iconfinder: Global brand presence via Copenhagen

Iconfinder is currently one of the largest icon databases in the world and a direct competitor of Flaticon, a product of Freepik Company. The deal was a strategic decision, but the investment has been made based on Iconfinder’s impressive attention to detail and reputation as a heavyweight in the icon space. The acquisition of Iconfinder, based in Copenhagen, enables Freepik Company to build out its existing portfolio and expert design team. The ambition is to blend the two products into one visual asset library.

Iconfinder currently employs seven skilled experts and was founded by its CEO, Martin LeBlanc. LeBlanc will be leading the icon vertical at Freepik Company. In terms of people on the ground, it’s also Freepik’s first step into Denmark, which has a reputation for creativity, innovation and design.

For Martin LeBlanc, CEO and Co-Founder of Iconfinder “both companies share a similar vision of how we want the business to go – we survived and thrived through the tough times brought on by the pandemic and now we are confident about our new direction. Our teams will work well together and there’s opportunity for everyone to grow. We can achieve great things together. What also appealed to us about Freepik was its progress made with various AI solutions – rather than fighting the tide of artificial image generation, this company is leading the charge.”

Iconfinder team
Iconfinder team with CEO and Co-Founder, Martin LeBlanc

Market info and growth strategy

The market for design assets is booming, but some aspects, such as 3D and mockups, require a specialist skill set which is difficult to recruit for. Both pioneers in their markets, Iconfinder and Original Mockups bring to Freepik Company technology and talent that will help customers meet rising demands of the creative industries and tech professionals. The new LATAM hub of 100+ skilled professionals gives Freepik Company the option to scale production of other assets and further localise the content and UX amid international expansion.

Finally, Carlos Marín, Chief Strategy Officer at Freepik Company, stands out that “with the Iconfinder and Original Mockups acquisitions, Freepik Company is strengthening its offerings in the growing market for visual assets. We saw this as an opportunity to combine forces and invest in the experts who can help take Freepik Company to the next level of growth. Freepik Company already has a sizeable subscriber base, but localising content is always a wise move and part of our expansion plans. It’s an exciting time and we’re very much looking forward to working together.”