Freepik Company: 11 Years, 11 Curiosities

In advertising, in class presentations, on your wallpaper… at Freepik Company we have been producing the images that are part of everyone’s day-to-day for the last 11 years. From Malaga, today we are offering more than 16 million graphic resources among our 3 main creative products -Freepik, Flaticon and Slidesgo- and we have managed to position ourselves as the most used stock image platform in the world, with more than 40 million monthly users.

But… that is not all! There are many more things that we have not told you yet or that you may not know about us… For this reason, we have compiled for you these 11 milestones or fun facts with which you can get to know a few curious things about the Freepik Company universe.

1. The first uploaded resource

At first, Freepik was a directory of graphic resources, which means it offered graphic resources created by other people and that could be downloaded from other webpages. In fact, this is the first resource uploaded on Freepik in 2010. How’s that?

A few months later and after noticing that user experience wasn’t as expected in third party websites, the 3 co founders decided to hire a couple of graphic designers who could provide Freepik with exclusive high-quality visual content, and this decision became crucial.

From 2016 we have an in-house production company of illustrations and photographs, formed by a team of 15 art directors and 10 photographers who create 75.000 graphic resources per month. Moreover, we have to add the content created by more than 12.000 contributors around the world.

2. From 1 to 16 million graphic resources to create The Freepik Experience

What started out as Freepik has evolved in to Freepik Company, the parent company of Freepik, Flaticon and Slidesgo. In total, we offer more than 16 million graphic resources and, for the first time, we are going to reveal what content is behind this impressive figure and what platform it belongs to.

  • Freepik: 12 million resources; 8,3 million photos, 3,7 million vectors and 324 thousand PSDs.
  • Flaticon: 4,1 million icons.
  • Slidesgo: 2.100 presentation templates.

3. Capacity in paintings of a museum

Have you ever had enough time to visit internationally recognized museums in your own sweet time? Well, just think how much time you’d need to see the Louvre Museum 457 times!!! With the 16 million graphic resources we provide today, this French museum could be filled more than 457 times…

4. The most downloaded graphic resource

According to The Global State of Digital 3.484 million people use social media, that is why it is not surprising that the most downloaded resource (1,3 million times) in Freepik is precisely that of a vector image with social media logos.

5. A team that has grown from 3 to more than 300 employees!

In 2010 Alejandro Sánchez, Pablo Blanes and Joaquín Cuenca founded Freepik… They were the only employees for almost 3 years and now we are more than 300!

If you want to know more about our evolution and what is this The Freepik Feeling that our teams boasts about, you can read this blog post where we review the highlights of our history.

6. Freepik, Flaticon and Slidesgo around the world

You can find us in 236 states of the world and the websites are translated into 11 languages, we can say that… We are present in 99% of the world!

7. The Freepik Style

It is impossible to pick up just one resource from our platforms, but we can tell you what makes our content so special: The Freepik Style!

At Freepik Company we have an in-house production company that creates spectacular content that you can later find on Freepik, Flaticon and Slidesgo. Furthermore, If there is something that differentiate us from the competition is the quality of our content, both free and Premium resources. Between the Editing, Cataloging and Quality teams, all the content that ends up being offered to millions of users around the world is carefully selected, tagged and curated.

Although, as we already said, it is impossible to choose just one resource, we want to share with you the collection of the best photos that you can find this 2020 in Freepik.

8. Astronomical Downloads

Freepik Company generates more than… 100 million downloads every month! Below you can see how many monthly downloads on average our products have registered since the year 2021 began:

  • Freepik: more than 76 million.
  • Flaticon: more than 38 million.
  • Slidesgo: 7 million.

* Extra fact: Slidesgo just turned two! In such a short time it already has that impressive number of downloads and more than 4.9 million monthly visits.

9. Contributors Network

The Freepik Company contributor network began in 2015 and today we have more than 12.000. Contributors upload content to our platform and they come from more than 100 countries around the world: Brasil, Mexico, India, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, Rusia, Italy or the United States among others.

Usually, they are professional designers or photographers who upload their content to stock platforms just like Freepik Company’s ones and they get paid by every download that users make of their content. To get to know better these artists we have launched the series Freepik PROfiles, in which contributors and ambassadors share their stories and tell us how they started collaborating with Freepik Company.

10. One of the biggest exits in the Spanish market

In May 2020, the Swedish investment firm EQT acquired the majority stake of Freepik Company, making this operation one of the biggest exits in the Spanish market. The news was shared by multiple media outlets such as TechCrunch, Business Insider or El Economista. With this major partner, the company ‘s goal is to increase their presence in the North American, Southeast Asian and Latin American markets, among others.

11. Here to Help Facing Covid-19

Last year we lived through many moments of uncertainty, the global pandemic changed our routines and our way of living. However, our educational centers, health organisms, media outlets, and public service members have proven their strength and they keep adapting to this new situation in creative ways.

In order to support their education and information work, from Freepik Company we started a new initiative, Here to Help Facing Covid-19, which consisted of making all of our graphic resources available to professionals in these areas, free of charge, during 3 months. In total, we managed to help more than 600 professionals from all over the world, of which about 50% were teachers.

What’s next?

If we have learned something this year, it is that in the face of adversity, together, we can do everything. It’s been 11 years since this wonderful adventure took off and…

This was just the beginning! At Freepik Company we will continue to work to improve our current products and develop new tools to make graphic design more accessible. We want to continue discovering new universes, will you join us?