Flaticon expands its catalog offering more than 5 million icons and stickers

Flaticon, the largest database of free customizable icons and stickers in the world, developed by the Malaga-based technology company Freepik Company, is expanding its catalog with a new line of resources: stickers, so popular nowadays in any type of written conversation. This new line of resources will allow the integration of stickers in any project in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats, designed for professionals in the technology sector, as well as for designers and non-professional users.

Among Flaticon’s most recent additions is also the inclusion in its catalog of an exclusive line of interface icons, UIcons, designed for iOS, web, and Android apps that are easy to use and implement. UIcons currently has over 2,000 icons in SVG and web fonts, and it is getting a very good reception from web developers and programmers. UIcons is part of their new home section dedicated exclusively to interface icons.

The platform, which receives an average of more than 40 million downloads per month, has more than 5 million icons in all formats for all types of projects: presentations, apps, websites, catalogs, infographics, etc. In addition, the icons can be found in different styles, among which the following stand out: Black Outline, Black Filled, Gradient, Hand drawn, Lineal color and Flat.

Moreover, the Flaticon team is constantly working on updating the product and adapting it to user needs, continuously launching improvements to the platform and its features. Among the most recent is the improvement made to the filters, which are now more visual and enable you to find icons more quickly.


Icon editing

The platform allows you to edit icons simply, in a way that is compatible with all browsers. This means it is possible to change the color and size of the icons as well as to rotate, move, displace, scale and download them in each user’s icon collection in SVG, PNG and EPS formats.


Users can save the icons they use in their projects in an organized way in the collections, from where they can change their color automatically or download them in the format they need.

Pattern creation

The platform allows the creation of spectacular patterns for Instagram stories, Facebook headers, presentations, blogs and websites through the creation of custom patterns.

Moreover, thanks to the icon editor it is possible to get the exact icon that each user wants, easily modifying the color, orientation, size or background. In addition, it is possible to download the pattern in the format and size needed.

The interface is very intuitive, and any user will be able to create a pattern in a few steps, with no need for much design knowledge. The platform already has patterns created for your use or inspiration.

Google Workspace

With Flaticon it is possible to use the icons in Google Docs and Slides easily, quickly and for free, by integrating them into the Google Workspace ecosystem. Simply install the “Icons for Slides & Docs” extension from the Google Workspace Marketplace.