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As Freepik started to get bigger, it expanded into two more independent projects. One is Flaticon– the largest database of free customizable icons. The other one is Tutpad, a platform with hundreds of free tutorials and courses on digital design and photography. With this expansion, the company had to find a way to unite the concept and to form one brand. The goal was to keep the uniqueness of each project, yet show that they are part of one company.

Projects of Freepik Universe

There was a need to create a new visual language that could integrate all these changes and, at the same time, help the future extension of the brand. In 2018 Freepik, Flaticon and Tutpad became a part of “Freepik Company.” We chose Freepik’s identity and its name as a base. This project is the oldest and widely known, so it speaks to our target audience.
 We aim to differentiate one project from another and to show that they all belong to the same group. For this reason, we created one structure and color base to highlight this connection. We published our StyleGuide with detailed information about our creative style, its purpose, and the core values behind it. Today we’re taking it one step further presenting you the new corporate web of Freepik Company

This page allows our users to learn more about each project as a part of the company.

Users can find extensive information, numbers, and milestones for each project. As well as discover the ways they can collaborate with Freepik, Flaticon, or Tutpad.

Freepik company projects

Become a part of something special

On this web, we talk more about our team, show you some highlights of our company life. We share photos of our teams and, of course, tell how you can join the company.

We wanted to get more familiar with our users, show that behind vectors, codes, and promotions, there are real people. We are geeky, funny, charming (and modest, of course) people who are passionate about their work.

If, at some point in browsing through the web, you feel like that’s the place you want to be a part of, take a look at our Jobs section. There you can see the in-office and remote positions’ updates. Read the requirements and apply for the one that calls you.

This web is not only where users can get to know our team and see the opportunities of joining it. It is also a platform where we will share future projects of Freepik Company and announce any important news about the company.

freepik company job opportunities
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