Design Your Future by Freepik Company

Freepik Company is a technology company and one of the most prominent startups on the Spanish scene, which is why we believe that focusing our first Corporate Social Responsibility Plan on the digital divide is more than appropriate. This problem affects 52% of women and 42% of men in the world and the gap gets even deeper if we look at the different regions of the planet. Several types of gaps can be differentiated in terms of:

  • Access: people’s ability to access resources.
  • Use: lack of digital skills preventing the use of technology.
  • Quality of use: knowledge needed to make good use of the Internet and get the most out of it. For example, in terms of access to quality information.

Therefore, following our Universal Equality philosophy, which expresses Freepik Company’s belief in equality among all people (regardless of background, sex, gender, culture or sexual orientation), from the company we also want to commit to equal opportunities in terms of access, use and quality of technological resources, thus allowing each person to be responsible for designing their own future.

So we’ve kicked off our CSR with the slogan “design your future”, proposing the objective of contributing to the reduction of the digital divide through design, graphic resources and technology, focusing on three essential cornerstones:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: promoting aspects related to equality and accessibility in our products.
  • Training and Employability: helping different communities at risk of exclusion to improve their knowledge and their work.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: contributing to the reduction of the impact of our activity on the environment.

These axes are perfectly aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030, such as quality education, gender equality, reduction of inequalities and decent work and economic growth. And we believe that this is the way forward for Freepik Company to contribute with its activity and capacity to social development.

Design your future in actions

The company set 2022 as the starting date for the activities of the first Corporate Social Responsibility plan, and our roadmap is marked by these actions

Collaboration with Inspiring Girls 

On March 9th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Freepik Company collaborated with the international association Inspiring Girls whose mission is to increase the self-esteem and professional ambition of girls by putting them in contact with benchmark women. Three of our colleagues from the content department gave a presentation to promote STEM and design careers among high school girls.

Collaboration with Powercoders

On March 30, the company was present at the Powercoders Career Day, contributing to the reduction of the digital divide by bringing technological employment opportunities to the students of Powercoders training programs, refugees and people at risk of social exclusion, thus supporting their training and employability.

Participation in the Conference on Public Education organized by INCIDE

On April 27th and 28th Freepik Company participated in IV Conference on Public Education for educational innovation and digital skills and was sponsor of the JamToday. Workshops were given in the form of educational pills about Slidesgo as an innovative educational resource, thus promoting quality education and improved training and employability.

Solidarity salary of ONCE Foundation 

This action aims to contribute to the reduction of the digital divide by facilitating access to technological training for people with disabilities or lack of resources. To this end, both the staff, optionally, and Freepik Company will donate an amount of money in the month of July to finance a scholarship for a training program.

Digital skills workshops with Red Cross

Freepik Company, through different colleagues, will provide a series of digital skills workshops, which will serve to reduce the digital divide using design, creativity and innovation. These workshops will be aimed at technicians and participants of the “Employing Digital” program.

Design of the Maternity Hospital of Malaga

In order to make the stay of children patients in the hospital more pleasant, two floors of the hospital are being vinylized with designs created by Freepik Company, in collaboration with the medical team of the center.

Freepik Company with Ukraine 

“Design your future”, our CSR plan, focuses on bridging the digital divide, but it is not a fixed and immobile plan, but rather a living and active project that involves everyone in the company and can (and should) evolve. Therefore, due to the conflict in Ukraine, Freepik Company has also decided to join efforts to offer as much help as possible to the people affected by carrying out different types of actions that you can find here.