12 facts to celebrate 12 years of Freepik Company

Freepik Company is celebrating its birthday, since they have been running for 4,380 days or, what is the same, 12 years trying (and achieving) to bring graphic design and creativity to all parts of the world. So to celebrate it, we bring you 12 facts that guarantee how far the company has come, the goals achieved and what is yet to come.

1. The company, founded in 2010, started its activity with 10 people. Actually, there are more than 395 employees, which is equivalent to filling up to 8 buses or being able to be 35 soccer teams.

2. The team is dynamic and innovative and the average age of the staff is 32 years old. It is mainly made up of people dedicated to the production of graphic content (36% of the team), followed by the Technology department, with 26%.

3. There are more than 18,000 contributors, from 100 different countries, and it would need at least 3 Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, to enjoy a vacation together.

4. Freepik Company is 12 years old, as well as Freepik, but Flaticon and Slidesgo have not yet reached double figures, turning 9 and 3 years old, respectively.

5. If the figures in terms of employees are high, in terms of graphic resources they are astronomical. There are 25 million graphic resources available, which, divided into products, are as follows

  • 23 million resources on Freepik
  • 7 million icons on Flaticon
  • 6,000 Slidesgo presentations

6. In terms of users, in 2021 there was an average of 41 million monthly users, as if the entire Spanish population relied on the resources on a monthly basis.

7. In subscribers we have surpassed the half million mark and we are on our way to reaching the million mark.

8. In monthly downloads we reached an average of 120 million, divided into

  • 80 million Freepik
  • 37 million Flaticon
  • 10 million Slidesgo

9. To the question of family or friends “if it is free, how do you get the money” you can answer that it is thanks to subscriptions, since this source of income accounts for 70% of the total turnover.

10. And just so you’re not left wondering, the total turnover in 2021 was 61.5 million.

11. Although it is a Spanish company, 97% of its total turnover comes from the rest of the world.

12. Freepik Company’s products are present in 236 states of the world and the websites are translated into 11 languages, we can say that… We offer our services in 99% of the world!

With these facts it is quite clear that Freepik Company has evolved, learned and improved in these 12 years and will continue working to celebrate many more anniversaries.