Be a part of something special

Working together, everything is possible.


A team from another galaxy

Many people comprise our Freepik Universe, forming a great unique team. They are creative, passionate, a bit geeky, and they love pizza, foosball and after-work gatherings.


Curiosity and passion without limits


Different people forming a unique team


Creative people who love design


Commitment to the project

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Employee benefits

The perfect balance between work and personal life

Your time is precious

Work is not everything. Our schedule is semi-flexible, allowing you to combine work with personal life and giving you more freedom.

Committed to your professional growth

We like to grow together, and that’s why we encourage professional training. Our workers’ knowledge and skills add value to our company. We make it easier for you to attend courses, congresses, conferences and get your master’s degrees.

Refreshments, fruits, coffee and more

Like we say in Spain, “Hunger is a bad advisor”, so we have a good variety of ways to fight it off. A little mid-morning snack can help you get your energy back.

Leisure areas and events

Good vibes and cooperation are essential for our Universe. That’s why we organize events and team building activities all year round.

Málaga, our HQ:

Freepik Company’s office is located in downtown Málaga, a charming city with one of the best climates in Europe. Our modern facilities allow maximum comfort at work. Plenty of space, meeting rooms, leisure areas and everything needed to work in a great environment.

Freepik Company is a Great Place to Work Freepik Company is a Great Place to Work

Freepik Company is certified as

Great Place To Work

Our employees have identified trust, innovation, and human touch as the foundation that makes our company one of the world's best workplaces.